Filing Fees

  • Original or Replacement Title Without Lien (Non-Dealer): $15
  • Original or Replacement Title with Lien: $15
  • Original or Replacement Title with Lien and Memo: $15
  • Duplicate Title: $15
  • Memo - Only Title: $5

Instructions to Get a Copy of Your Ohio Title if You Moved From Ohio to Another State

  • Mail a money order for $15 made out to Shelby County Clerk of Courts to:
    Shelby County Clerk of Courts
    1000 Milligan Court
    Suite 101
    Sidney, OH 45365
  • Complete the BMV 3774 Application for Certificate of Title (PDF) and have it notarized
  • Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope

Instructions to Get Your out of State Title Made Into an Ohio Title if You Moved From Out of State

If your vehicle is paid off or you have the Out of State Title:

  • Bring your:
    • Out of State Title
    • Vehicle you are wishing to title in Ohio
    • Your Identification
    • Proof that Taxes were paid if the vehicle was purchased less than 6 months ago
  • Start at the BMV next door and tell them you need an Out of State Inspection; someone will go out to your vehicle and verify the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the vehicle
  • Bring the Out of State Inspection and the Title to the Title Office and we will transfer it to an Ohio Title. If you purchased the vehicle less than 6 months ago you may have to show proof of sales tax paid

If you have a loan on your vehicle and the bank is holding your title:

  • You will need to contact the bank that your loan is with and request a Title; this can sometimes be done over the phone
  • In other cases the bank will not release the title to the customer. In this case you can use the Out of State Lien Title Request (PDF). You can mail or fax the completed form to your bank and they will send the title to our office. Make sure you put a good phone number on the form; this is the number we will use to contact you when we receive the title
  • Once you receive the title or the title is sent to our office you will complete the previous steps to acquire an Ohio Title

Military Conversion

If you are in the military and stationed out of state but your permanent residence is in Ohio you can have the Out of State inspection done by a commanding officer on base or by a member of law enforcement in the state you are stationed in using BMV Form 3787 (PDF). You can also complete a Power of Attorney Form BMV 3771 (PDF) assigning Power of Attorney to a friend or family member still living in Ohio. This will allow them to complete the paperwork for you. This form will not be necessary if you have already completed a Durable Power of Attorney.

The person with power of attorney will be able to bring in the Original Out of State Title, The BMV 3787 Out of State Inspection Form, and their Identification to apply for an Ohio Title in your Name. If you are stationed out of state and the vehicle will be driven out of state for at least 6 months no sales tax will be due. If the vehicle will be garaged in Ohio or your orders are for less than 6 months sales tax will be due at the time the title is processed.

If you have questions regarding obtaining a Title, please contact the Title Department at 937-498-7277.