Conservation Education

Shelby SWCD considers our education program to be preventative medicine for the environment. Programs are offered for preschoolers through adults in schools, clubs, Scout groups, civic organizations, churches and any other interested party. Topics offered can include water quality, soils, agriculture, wetlands, wildlife, trees or numerous other natural resources issues. These programs are free and can be tailored to meet your event needs! Email ( or call (937-419-2597) Amanda Hurley if you are interested in scheduling a program. 

Children outdoors during Shelby SWCD elementary school lesson

For some great at-home conservation tips and kid activities, please visit our YouTube Channel!

For more information see: Shelby SWCD Educational Offerings Pamphlet

Technical Assistance

One of the primary functions of Shelby SWCD is conservation technical assistance to land users within the county. Much of the technical assistance that Shelby SWCD is providing to land users in the county is in partnership with USDA or other programs that provide funding to land users to implement conservation practices. These USDA programs require that practices are implemented using a very specific set of standards and Shelby SWCD works cooperatively with the land users and USDA to design, install and implement these practices to ensure functionality for years to come. Some of the many conservation practices that we assist with are grassed waterways, manure storage structures, livestock mortality composters, wetlands, conservation plantings and much more. Shelby SWCD also works extensively with land users in the county on drainage issues. From old tile maps and historical watershed maps to developing new watersheds our office assists many individuals annually on this issue that is very important within the county. If you are interested in learning more about Shelby SWCD technical assistance call 937-492-6520 or visit the office. 

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