Vendor's License

Ohio law requires any person or business making retail sales of tangible personal property or taxable services to register for the sales tax by obtaining a vendor's license. Ohio offers several different types of vendor's licenses, depending on the kind of business, and at least two ways to obtain a license.

  • Ohio Business Gateway (OBG) - Prospective retailers may obtain a vendor's license immediately through the Ohio Business Gateway (OBG). Note: Businesses must first establish an account with OBG before using it to request a vendor's license.
  • County Auditors - Businesses may also apply for a vendor's license with their county auditor. Contact the Shelby County Auditor at 937-498-7202 for more information.

When completing a vendor's license registration form, business owners will need to know where their company falls within the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). View a Partial List of NAICS Codes (PDF) online. For more information on NAICS, visit the U.S. Census Bureau website.