Victim Services

The mission of Shelby County Victim Services is to reduce the trauma of crime by providing information, support and advocacy to victims and their families in a courteous and compassionate atmosphere. It is our intent that all crime victims be aware of their rights and that they receive sensitive treatment throughout the criminal justice process.

Our Services

Victim services are free and confidential. Shelby County Victim Services provides the following advocacy and services:

Crisis Intervention

24 hour response to hospital, police and sheriff requests for assistance and intervention in cases of violent crime and death notification.


Confidential referrals to any appropriate medical, counseling or social service agency.

Advocacy & Support

Court advocacy, escort and support during all stages of the criminal justice process.

Notification & Explanation

Case status notification for felony level prosecution pending in Shelby County Common Pleas Court.


Assistance to person applying for reimbursement through the Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program. See the Shelby County Prosecutor's page for additional information.


Maintain a working relationship with all law enforcement agencies and other service providers.