Fee Schedule

  • Copy Request (PDF)
  • Deed, Mortgage, Lease and most documents:
    • $34 for first 2 pages
    • Additional pages and attachments: $8 each additional after first 2 pages
  • Marginal Notations:
    • $4 per marginal notation
  • Non-Standardization Fee:
    • $20 per document
  • Plats:
    • $40 small (11 by 17 inches)
    • $44 (18 by 24 inches)
    • $86 (24 by 36 inches)

UCC Recording Fees

  • UCC Financing Statement (UCC 1): $12 plus $4 for each name Indexed (debtor, secured party and Property owner)
  • UCC Amendments, Continuations, Assignments, Partial Releases and Terminations (UCC 3): $12 plus $4 for each name indexed (debtor, secured party and Property owner)

Shelby County Requirements & Notes

All documents require legal description (this legal should read as appears on deed and will be rejected if parts of legal are missing). Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of document- we will hold documents if a return envelope with postage is not provided.

We do marginal notations and require the Volume and Page be provided. There is an additional $4 fee for each marginal notation.

Affidavits must indicate current owner of property.