Shelby County youth that appear in court for violent or drug/alcohol related cases may be referred to our local counseling agencies, Shelby County Counseling Center, Catholic Social Services and Family Resource Center of Northwest Ohio, for assessments and treatment

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap is facilitated by the Shelby County Salvation Army. The program is a 12-week life skills educational program for at-risk youth 14 to 17 years old. The program focuses on helping the youth refocus their thoughts on positive things they can contribute to in their community. During the 12 week program two support meetings are held to bring the youths parents together and deal with issues they may be having with their children.

Parent Project

The Parent Project is a program based on instruction, support groups, and curriculum addressing the most destructive adolescent behaviors of children ages 11 to 17. Through the 10 week course, parents are provided skills and support to make a difference in their child's life. Included is a teen component to help the child whose parent is attending the program explore alternatives to their destructive behavior.

IMPACT Program

This program proactively identifies and serves students at the elementary level who are facing obstacles to academic, social, and community success. Developed in collaboration with Shelby County United Way, the Community IMPACT program has become a valuable and often requested resource for the Court and school systems in Shelby County. The School/Court Liaison serves as the director for the IMPACT program. The program goal is to reach students in elementary to middle school age range who have been identified by school personnel as needing assistance to overcome issues that may have a negative impact on future success. These issues can impact academic, social, or society success, and are often impacting all 3 areas.

Loving Solutions

Loving Solutions is a part of Parent Project, but focuses on children ages 5 to 10 years old.

School / Court Liaison

This program addresses educational issues with adjudicated youth. The School/Court Liaison helps youth who are having problems with grades, attendance, or behavior in school. The School/Court Liaison works closely with youth and their families to bridge the gap of communication with Probation Staff and School Personnel. The goal of this program is to make sure the youth has the appropriate educational needs being met so the youth can graduate.

Juvenile Justice Work Program

This program is held on Saturday mornings. This program is a community based sanction intended to emphasize accountability for one's actions. Youth perform community service within Shelby County at various venues with structured supervision from Juvenile Court Staff. The work program participates in city and county cleanups as well as helping out with cleaning and maintenance projects for Sidney City Schools, Shelby County Parks and Recreation Department, Village of Jackson Center and Adopt-A-Highway. This program also maintains the Court's Victory Garden, which provides fresh vegetables to the local food pantry.