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The domestic relations division of the court is commonly known as "Divorce Court". Divorces, dissolutions, legal separations, annulments and post-decree matters are all heard in the domestic relations courtroom.

Magistrate Gary J. Carter serves as the Magistrate of the Domestic Relations Division of the Common Pleas Court. Magistrate Carter presides over the daily functions of the domestic relations court, hearing evidence in trials, just as the Judge would. The magistrate then prepares a written decision. The decision is sent to the attorney for each party, and each party has a period of l4 days to object. The Judge decides whether or not to adopt the magistrate's decision and make it the binding order of the Court. Magistrates also have the authority to sign certain temporary orders, which become effective immediately, without the signature of the Judge. However, the parties can still appeal to the Judge.

In Shelby County, partial funding for the magistrate's services is provided by state and federal sources, due to the fact that the magistrate assists in the collection of delinquent child support.

The court has adopted local rules of court which are to be followed in domestic relations cases.

For a copy of Shelby County Common Pleas Court's Local Domestic Court Rules
please download HERE.

Domestic Relations FORMS

For a copy of any of the Domestic Relations Forms, simply click on the form name to download (in PDF format).

Affidavit 1 - Affidavit of Income, Expenses and Financial Disclosure
(Filed by each party in a new divorce, dissolution, legal separation action and post decree actions)

Affidavit 2 - Affidavit of Property
(Filed in all new actions, including divorces, dissolutions and legal separations)

Affidavit 3 - Parenting Proceeding Affidavit (R.C. 3127.23(A))                                         (Filed in all proceedings involving children)

Affidavit 4 - Health Insurance Affidavit
(Filed in all proceedings involving children)

Affidavit 5 - Motion and Affidavit for Temporary Parenting Orders, Support, Parenting Time Spousal Support without Oral Hearing
(File when applicable, divorce / post-divorce)

DR-6 - Application for Child Support Services (IV-D)
(File in all proceedings involving children)

DR-7 - Obligee's Rights and Remedies for Enforcement of Support                                         (File in all proceedings involving children)

DR-8 - Personal Identifier/Sensitive Information Sheet                                         (Submitted in all cases and sealed in the Clerk’s File)

RULE 22 - Guidelines for Parenting Time

Uniform Ohio Domestic Relations Forms

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