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Dog Licenses


All dogs need to be licensed by January 31st of each year!

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In addition to the legal requirement there is another very good reason to license your dog.

If your pet should accidentally stray from your care, the animal can easily be identified and returned safely to you by comparing the license number to the County’s records.  Ohio Law requires the dog warden to hold a licensed dog for at least 14 days before destroying it or adopting it out.  An unlicensed dog may be legally disposed of after only a 3-day holding period.   For these reasons any dog not covered under a kennel license must wear the tag at all times, even if the animal is normally confined to the house.
The deadline for purchasing dog licenses without penalty is January 31st of each year.  Licenses may be purchased year-round at the Shelby County Auditor's Office, 129 East Court Street, Sidney, from the Shelby County Dog Warden at 1100 Clem Rd., Sidney, Ohio, or on-line by clicking here or on the link above.

During the annual enrollment period (from December 1st of the year prior to the license year through January 31st of the license year) licenses may be purchased through official agents located throughout Shelby County.  See link above to view agent locations.

The traditional 1 year license is $16.00, 3 year license is $48.00 and a permanent license is $160.00.  These licenses are available for purchase at the Auditor’s Office.  The three year license and permanent can only be purchased at the Auditor’s Office.  The 1 year and 3 year licenses can be purchased online.  Owners should be aware that these longer term licenses are not refundable in the event of the death of the dog or if the dog is passed to a new owner.  The 1 year and Kennel license can be purchased at the Animal Shelter, 1100 Clem Rd, Sidney.  If these licenses are purchased after January 31st of the license year (except “new dogs” as described below) will be subject to a penalty.  The penalty is an additional $16.00 per individual license.  

A kennel means an establishment that keeps, houses, and maintains adult dogs, as defined in section 956.01 of the Ohio Revised Code, for the purpose of breeding the dogs for a fee or other consideration received through a sale, exchange, or lease and that is not a high volume breeder licensed under Chapter 956.01 of the Revised Code.  A kennel license is $80.00 (plus $1.00 for each additional dog over five dogs).  If purchased after January 31st of the license year the fee is $160.00.  Kennel licenses are issued ONLY by the Dog Warden at the Animal Shelter at 1100 Clem Rd, Sidney. 

Note:  An additional 75 cents per license will be charged by non-governmental agents to defer their expenses in issuing licenses for the convenience of the public.  For online purchases, a $2.25 fee per license and for a three year license, $3.75 is charged per license.  This fee is charged by the vendor to cover credit card processing expense.  There is also an additional fee of 50 cents per order for online purchases to cover postage and mailing supplies.  Mail applications are encouraged.  There are printable application forms available on this website.  Application forms may also be obtained by calling the Auditor’s Office at 937-498-7202.    

The completed application must be sent with the proper fee to the Shelby County Auditor's Office, 129 East Court Street, Sidney, Ohio 45365.  All mail-in applications should be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope for the Auditor‘s use in mailing the tags back to the dog owner.

New Dog:  If you acquire a new dog outside of the regular licensing period you must buy a license for the current year within 30 days of taking possession of the dog.  Puppies must be licensed by the time they are 3 months of age. Licenses for certain puppies licensed after July 1st may be eligible for a discount for the current year. Call the Auditor’s Office for details.

Transfer:  When an Ohio licensed dog is transferred from one owner to another, it is permissible to avoid a new tag fee by completing a Certificate of Transfer application. This form must be signed by the original owner and filed within 30 days of the change of ownership.  The appropriate place of filing is at the Auditor’s Office or the Animal Shelter in the county where the new owner resides.  The filing fee is $5.00.

Lost Tags:  You may obtain a duplicate tag from the County Auditor for a fee of $5.00.

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